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Latex Scatter Cushions

100% Natural Latex Scatter Cushions

Perfect low maintenance scatter cushions with a Lifetime Guarantee,
available in any size of cushion, bolster or pillow shape.

Image showing the large variety of sizes and shapes of scatter cushions that we supply.

All of our cushions come complete with a Lifetime Guarantee.

A look at the cushion fabric

Our cushions have a plump luxurious look.

Image showing the interiors of our cuchsions, small pieces of high quality latex

We use only the finest quality Natural Latex for our interiors.

Exclusive Natural Latex filled scatter cushions…

Replace your polyester fibre and feather filled scatter cushions with our exclusive Natural Latex Loose Filled Scatter Cushion Inserts.

These are not available from any other supplier and as they require only occasional plumping and come with a “Lifetime Guarantee” you should never need to replace your cushions again.

Plump appearance that won't flatten!

Only the finest quality latex interiors are used in conjunction with a quilted cotton cover to create a cushion with a smooth plump appearance that will never flatten.

Environmentally Aware

Our loose filled scatter cushion inserts are manufactured from the small off-cuts created when we cut Natural Latex into mattresses and cushions. We take these small off-cuts and shred them to make a high quality loose filling.

Being environmentally friendly comes naturally to a Yorkshire based company, only we call it being thrifty!

We supply any size or shape

We can supply any size or shape you require. Please take a look at our Quick Quote System for instant prices / online ordering.

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