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Exclusive Bespoke Cushions for your Home

Window Seats, Chairs, Storage Boxes, Sofas, Benches, you name it. Our range of exclusive fabrics are Stylish, Durable, and easy clean. All manufcatured to your specification at our factory in Leeds, Yorkshire. Designer fabrics are also available to special order, we have accounts with all the major design houses, some are displayed at the foot of this page.

Just use our Quick Quote System to design your own cushion or e-mail details to alternatively phone during office hours - we are always pleased to speak with our customers and with 50 years of experience there is not much we don't know about cushion design, We also offer additional products not shown on our costing system such as Piping, Fastening ties and tapes. Hook & Loop, Anti-slip pads etc. just ask.

Recent Projects - Please click on the images to view the full gallery!

Our Exclusive Range of Fabrics

Chosen for their practicality & durability we bulk purchase our fabrics so that we can offer you high quality cushions at an affordable price. All cushions comply with UK furniture & fire regulations and are easy clean, just wipe any marks off with a clean dampcloth and vacuum regularly.

Please note, although we try to make our fabric photography as accurate as possible some colour variations may occur. If colour shade is important to you we strongly recommend that you request actual fabric samples, using our free sample request service below.

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  • Brompton Woven ChalkBrompton Woven Chalk
  • Brompton Woven EspressoBrompton Woven Espresso
  • Brompton Woven OnyxBrompton Woven Onyx
  • Brompton Woven SealBrompton Woven Seal
  • Brompton Woven CobaltBrompton Woven Cobalt
  • Brompton Woven MercuryBrompton Woven Mercury
  • Brompton Woven PewterBrompton Woven Pewter
  • Brompton Woven TuskBrompton Woven Tusk
  • Deluxe Velvet ClaretDeluxe Velvet Claret
  • Deluxe Velvet Duck EggDeluxe Velvet Duck Egg
  • Deluxe Velvet GraphiteDeluxe Velvet Graphite
  • Deluxe Velvet IvoryDeluxe Velvet Ivory
  • Deluse Velvet LatteDeluse Velvet Latte
  • Deluxe Velvet PeppercornDeluxe Velvet Peppercorn
  • Deluxe Velvet PewterDeluxe Velvet Pewter
  • Deluxe Velvet ZincDeluxe Velvet Zinc
  • Eureka Woven AubergineEureka Woven Aubergine
  • Eureka Woven BarkEureka Woven Bark
  • Eureka Woven CharcoalEureka Woven Charcoal
  • Eureka Woven CitrineEureka Woven Citrine
  • Eureka Woven ConkerEureka Woven Conker
  • Eureka Woven CranberryEureka Woven Cranberry
  • Eureka Woven FernEureka Woven Fern
  • Eureka Woven FigEureka Woven Fig
  • Eureka Woven GraphiteEureka Woven Graphite
  • Eureka Woven IndigoEureka Woven Indigo
  • Eureka Woven LimestoneEureka Woven Limestone
  • Eureka Woven OatmealEureka Woven Oatmeal
  • Eureka Woven PeacockEureka Woven Peacock
  • Eureka Woven WalnutEureka Woven Walnut
  • Serene Woven AshSerene Woven Ash
  • Serene Woven CitrineSerene Woven Citrine
  • Serene Woven DamsonSerene Woven Damson
  • Serene Woven IndigoSerene Woven Indigo
  • Serene Woven PeatSerene Woven Peat
  • Serene Woven Pebbleserene Woven Pebble
  • Serene Woven PralineSerene Woven Praline
  • Serene Woven Sea GreenSerene Woven Sea Green
  • Serene Woven TruffleSerene Woven Truffle
  • Woodland CreamWoodland Cream
  • Woodland Duck EggWoodland Duck Egg
  • Woodland EbonyWoodland Ebony
  • Woodland GreenWoodland Green
  • Woodland MinkWoodland Mink
  • Woodland SapphireWoodland Sapphire
  • Woodland SteelWoodland Steel
  • Woodland WineWoodland Wine