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Stockinette Undercovers

Stockinette Undercovers

Quality sewn Stockinette Undercovers

Fitting a Stockinette Undercover

Fitting a stockinette covered interior.

A close up of our quality sewn Stockinette Undercover

Our quality sewn stockinette undercovers.

Stockinette Undercovers are designed to enable the easier fitting of your outer covers and to reduce friction between the outer cover and the cushion interior, this increases the lifespan of the outer cover and helps prevent creasing as it allows the cover to return easily to its original position after use.

These covers should not be confused with cheap nylon heat sealed versions that are often supplied free of charge, these covers soon tear in use and do not fully reduce friction between inner cushion and outer cover.

Stockinette Undercovers can only be supplied with a complete cushion unit, therefore to obtain a price for Stockinette Undercovers please use our new Foam Cost Calculator.

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