Replacement sofa cushions

Saggy sofa cushions are not pretty to look at and certainly are not comfortable to sit on. If you have a sofa with saggy cushions that need replacing then you have come to the right place. Replacement sofa cushions are a brilliant solution to make your sofa as good as new without spending a fortune.

Foam For Comfort Cushion Refilling Before Image. Replacement sofa cushions.
Worn out sofa cushions that are flat and uncomfortable can be rescued by Cushion Refilling.

Foam For Comfort have been replacing sofa cushions for over 40 years. Don’t be under the impression that you need to purchase a new sofa when all that you really need to do is replace the cushion filling.

Replacement sofa cushions

Sofa cushions are firm when you first purchase your sofa, however this doesn’t mean that they will remain firm over time and use. Unfortunately, many new sofas have fibre filled cushions that loose shape and plumpness over time. You may suffer from the constant need to re-shape your sofa cushions after use and this is why you are probably considering cushion replacement.

Choosing the correct foam

Foam comes in different varieties and you can mix and match foam to produce the perfect fit and feel. The foam density is key. Allow the team at Foam For Comfort to listen to you and understand what you want. Preferred comfort and usage needs can be met by selecting an appropriate foam grade.

Foam Grades, replacement sofa cushions
Foam grades available at Foam For Comfort can provide you with the comfort levels that you seek.

The team are trained and know the products that they sell. Therefore let them know how long you expect the foam cushions to last for and how much usage you expect to get from the cushions. This information will help the team select the suitable foam to produce your sofa cushions that will last and look good.

If you would like to know more about foam grades to help you to determine which foam will suit your needs then please read Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort. Alternatively, please contact a member of the Foam For Comfort team who are always happy to help.

Contact Foam For Comfort

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If it is easier, you can use the Live Help & Advice Chat Box available on the Foam For Comfort Website.

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Cushion Refilling & Foam Cut to Size Questions

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Although we try to make selecting our products as easy as possible, we have found over time that certain questions are frequently asked.

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