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Leather cushion replacement for your sofa

Isn’t it great when you get a new sofa or snuggle seat? New can be comfortable but new doesn’t always mean good quality. Leather cushion replacement could be the solution to fix your flat cushions and improve quality.

Flat Leather Cushion Problem

Your new sofa cushions and snuggle seats may have cheap quality cushions. Over time these cushions will reduce in height and the plump appearance will begin to look flat. If this applies to you, then you will be happy to know that you can solve this issue and invest in leather cushion replacement using the Foam For Comfort cushion refilling service.

Leather Cushion Replacement

This quality constructed snuggle seat was ruined by a badly fitted and worn out cushion interior. The original interior was made with a low quality foam base and a feather top.

Image of a Leather Snuggle Seat needing leather cushion replacement.
Beautifully constructed leather snuggle seat ruined by the worn out flat cushions.

The foam base stopped supporting the user and the feathers did not plump into shape within only 6 months of usage. The ill fitted and poor quality cushions spoiled both the look and comfort of the snuggle seat.

When this happens to your furniture you do feel cheated. The solution is to use cushion refilling. Quality foam cut to shape and size that will last and look good.

Solution: Cushion Refilling

The cheap seat cushion on the snuggle seat was replaced with quality Superior Foam with a 10cm base layer of medium foam for support and a piece of soft foam cut to 8cm deep for the top layer for added comfort.

A Polyester Fibre Wrap was used to enhance the overstuffed appearance and a stockinette undercover was placed on the cushion to allow it to fit smoothly into the outer cover and to fill out all the corners properly.

The finished product not only looks great but provides comfort and good support.

Image of a leather snuggle seat with leather cushion replacement.
Quality foam cushion refilling.

Stop sitting on saggy sofas and snuggle seats when you can replace the cushions with quality foam that will last.  If you need to discuss cushion refilling then please get in touch. There is always someone happy to help.


If you require further information or advice then please contact the Foam For Comfort Team. Email:  or Tel: 0113 274 8100.


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