Foam Cushion Pads For Dining Chairs

When your dining table is too high for you to reach your delicious food, simply invest in foam cushion pads. By placing the foam cushion pads on your current dining chairs you will have extra height required to sit comfortably.

Foam cushion pads to the rescue for our happy customer.

A customer sent to us a template of their dining chair where we were able to produce a model foam pad for them to then amend. The customer used the model to cut away bits of foam and then sketch on to the foam where the curved edges were required.

Once we received the amended piece of foam from the customer, we used this to create the foam cushion pads. It was that simple and the customer was really happy with the result.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is part of their wonderful response, sent us via email and with permission to quote on this post;

Foam For Comfort were so helpful in a world of ‘don’t cares’ … Because I was hosting a dinner party in a matter of weeks they managed to expedite the order and return them to me a week early!!!

The pads fit beautifully and look stunning as if they should have always been there.  The chairs are now high enough for the table to provide a comfortable dining experience.

Thank you for your incredibly efficient and helpful service, I am most appreciative.  Sometimes quality does cost more but what an outcome.

Cushion Pad Covers

The cushion pads on this project were covered in Nappa Suede, which, if marked they can be cleaned and rubbed down to look as good as new. Basically, this fabric not only looks great but is ideal for dining chairs that may be the victim of a few food and drink spillages because it can be easily cleaned.

Image of a customers' Dining Room Chairs given extra height via foam cushion pads cut to shape & size.
Dining Room Chairs given extra height via foam cushion pads cut to shape & size.

Happy Customer Equals Happy Foam For Comfort Team

We love it when we can help our customers and make their homes comfortable by simply providing a product that makes a huge difference. If you would like to discuss any requirements that you may have to improve your dining chairs or any other seating products then please contact us.

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