Cushion refilling service saves sofas

Save your sofa by investing in a cushion refilling service. As good as new in a short period of time and the new foam cushions will last and look great.

New Vs Repair

Be honest, purchasing a new sofa is a huge investment. Unless you love furniture shopping, you are going to place some value on your time spent searching for the new sofa. Lets throw in there the cost of dinner also after your long shopping trip. Everyone deserves to dine out after all that searching. Suddenly the cost of a new sofa suddenly gets more expensive.

So if you could make your sofa look and feel like new again in 7 days and at money saving cost then wouldn’t you want to do that? If so, then you need to consider using a cushion refilling service.

What is Cushion Refilling

Cushion refilling is the process of replacing your current cushion filling and replacing them with new fillings. Foam is cut to size and shape to fit your current cushion covers (if this is desired.) Otherwise, new cushion covers can be produced. The Foam is then covered with Polyester Fibre Wraps to produce the over stuffed look. A stockinette is then placed over the foam cushion which helps keep the shape of the cushion and also makes it easier to put the cushion covers back on.

 Cushion Refilling Service adds Polyester Fibre Wraps to achieve the plump cushion look.
Polyester Fibre Wrap being fitted to the foam seat cushion to achieve the plump cushion look.

Why You Should Use Foam For Comfort’s Cushion Refilling Service

At Foam For Comfort you can choose from a wide selection of foam grades to get cushions that feel great for you. You can even mix and match the foam to ensure that you get the exact comfort levels that you desire.

Cushion Refilling Service with Polyester Fibre Wrap
Cushion Refilling Service

The team have been professionally refilling cushions for over 40 years, so you are in great hands. You won’t be given off the shelf cushions that will flatten and go saggy within a few months. Instead you will be provided with options to get your sofa to look and function like new but with the added assurance that the cushions will last. If you would like to know more about cushion refilling then please read Cushion refilling: how our service works.

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