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What is Cushion Refilling?

Bring your sofa back to life

Cushion refilling can bring your sofa back to life if your sofa cushions are flat and uncomfortable. Using high density quality foam, cut to shape and size will bring your sofa back to life.

Foam For Comfort Cushion Refilling Before Image.
Worn out sofa cushions that are flat and uncomfortable can be rescued by Cushion Refilling.

What is Cushion Refilling?

Sofa cushion refilling is the process of replacing your old sofa cushion filling with new filling to create a new cushion. The cushion can use the current cushion covers if these are suitable. In some cases, new cushion covers are provided.

Why use Cushion Refilling?

Cushion refilling can rescue the look and feel of a sofa. Traditional sofa’s with solid frames can last lifetimes but that can not be said for the cushions. Modern quality foam is an ideal replacement material. Selecting a high density foam will provide durability and last for many years. Unlike fibre filled cushions that loose shape and break down quickly, quality foam recovers after use and maintains its shape.

FFC Cushion Refilling Before and After Image.
Cushion Refilling Before and After Image.

When to use Cushion Refilling?

After a period of time sitting and looking at a flat and tatty looking sofa is bringing you down then it is time to take action. True, the cost may be an issue, but the quality result will pay for itself over time. Not only will your sofa look like new, it will feel like new and maintain this appearance and functionality for a very long time. Therefore the sooner you act and replace your saggy sofa cushions, the sooner you can be happier with your sofa and not have to be uncomfortable or embarrassed by its appearance.

How to purchase Cushion Refilling?

To get started, simply request our mailing pack. When you receive your pack, remove the cushion covers and seal them in the protective bag supplied and mail them to us. Alternatively you can Call our Sales Team on: 0113 274 8100 or 0113 274 8101.

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