Outdoor cushions cut to size & shape and upholstered in Sunbrella Mineral Blue fabric.

Replacement Outdoor Cushions

Dust off the garden furniture and throw away the old cushions. There is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Invest in new replacement outdoor cushions and get some bums on seats and relax whilst you still can. 

Replacement outdoor cushions for garden furniture

Replacement outdoor cushions for your sun loungers, rattan sets, benches or garden patio furniture will make you want to sit outdoors.

Replacement Outdoor Cushions for Patio Set
Enjoy an al fresco supper sat at a welcoming outdoor patio set.

Foam cut to size and shape is the perfect way to achieve the look and comfort for your garden furniture. Using this service, you can select the foam type that offers the comfort levels you want and the thickness level of the cushions that appeals to you.

Replacement outdoor cushions for sun loungers.
Sun lounger cushions cut to shape and size for a perfect fit.

Remember though that thick foam cushions do not equal longer lasting cushions. The foam density is key to the durability. Learn more about types of foam from our blog post Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort.

Weather resistant fabric with UV protection is supplied for all the outdoor cushions produced at Foam For Comfort and waterproof zips are included. If you forget to place the cushions in the shed or garage after use they can endure the elements. However, we do recommend that you do store the cushions away in an appropriate place after use.

Replacement Outdoor Cushion Fabric
Fabric suitable for outdoor use is a must to prevent damage.

To not make the most of the outdoors due to the cushions on your outdoor furniture putting you off is a great shame. The easiest solution is to purchase replacement outdoor cushions and add a new lease of life to the furniture. This way you won’t miss out on enjoying outdoor living in style and comfort.

Replacement Outdoor Cushions for Benches
The trusty garden bench should be sat on. Replace your old worn bench cushion now.

Get in touch to discuss replacement outdoor cushions. If you want to enjoy outdoor living then this is a great opportunity.

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