Pallet Cushions For Pallet Furniture

Pallet cushions that perfectly fit your unique pallet furniture projects will add comfort and invite people to use the furniture. Your comfort and enjoyment is key and the use of pallet cushions that fit and look good will provide the essential finishing touches to your pallet furniture projects.

Pallet Cushions

Building your own pallet furniture is a task that will take up your time. Hopefully you will enjoy the process, however after all of the hard work, the finished furniture should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. This is where the pallet cushion plays a vital role.

Cushions Made to Measure Ideal For Pallet Cushions
Pallet cushions can be cut to any shape and size.

Pallet Cushions That Fit Your Furniture

Your pallet cushions can be created from a foam that suits your comfort needs and will fit your pallet furniture properly if you use a foam cut to size and shape service. In doing so, the fitted pallet cushion will complement the overall finish and provide comfort.

Fabric for Pallet Cushions

If your pallet furniture is intended for outdoor use then you should use fabric suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor fabric is water proof and has UV protection. Check out the Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric range or Sunbrella Fabric range that are ideal choices for outdoor use.

Outdoor Pallet Cushions Require Outdoor Fabric.
Outdoor pallet cushions require fabric that is suitable for outdoor use.

Pallet Furniture Projects

The popularity of pallet furniture is on the increase. A quick online search will provide you with thousands of ideas and “how-to” instructions. You can build your own pallet bench, pallet sofa, sun lounger or even a bar.

However, for the overall finish and comfort, foam cut to shape and size does need to be considered to ensure that you gain the perfect fit pallet cushion for your pallet furniture projects.

Large Pallet Cushion For Large Outdoor Sun Bed.
Large pallet cushion cut to shape and size to fit a large bespoke outdoor sun bed.

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