Beach Hut Interiors

Bespoke Beach Hut Interiors

Beach huts are the perfect place to unwind and relax in an environment that is bespoke. Beach hut interiors with fixtures and fittings designed and built for purpose are a key element to offer a decluttered environment to unwind.

Creating a space that is comfortable and practical is easy when you have the correct tools and equipment. Don’t ruin your beach hut with generic off the shelf cushions. Ensure that your beach hut makes the most of every inch of space and opt for made to measure cushions and mattresses.

Beach Hut Interiors

Beach Huts are your very own weekend retreat offering you a place that is free from distraction. The beach hut interior is key to providing an inviting getaway place and should offer comfort and style. Beach hut interiors can be tailored to suit the individual and their needs.

The compact space of the Beach Hut relies on fixtures and fittings that are fit for purpose. Bespoke seating, sleeping and storage areas offer comfort and practicality and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Beach Hut Interiors
Beach hut interiors created for a perfect fit.

The beach hut seating area can double as a sleeping area and also as a storage compartment. The mattress used for this area needs to provide dual functionality, for seating and sleeping. Therefore an off the shelf foam pad may not offer the comfort and practicality of foam cut to size and shape.

Foam cut to size for Beach Hut Interiors

Not only do you want your beach hut seating area to be comfortable, you need to consider the durability of the seating foam. This area is more than likely going to double as the seating and sleeping area and a great solution is to select a foam that has the ideal foam density. Therefore the foam cut to size and shape service is perfect because it allows you to choose a foam type that can last a few summer seasons at the beach hut. To learn more about foam cut to size and shape and foam types please read our blog post Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort.

Beach Hut Interior Fabric

The beach hut seating and sleeping areas must be inviting but over time, natural wear and tear will take place. Also it is important to maintain a clean living environment and fabric that can be easily cleaned should be considered.

Beach Hut Seating and Sleeping Fabric.
Fabric that is suitable for beach hut living should be used.

Choose fabric that is suitable for beach hut living. Opting for bespoke foam cut to size and shape for your beach hut seating and sleeping areas allows for you to also select an appropriate fabric to upholster the foam cushions.


If you have a beach hut that you require some new seating and sleeping mattresses that are cut to size and shape and upholstered in appropriate fabric, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.

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