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Outdoor Cushions For Comfort

Outdoor cushions are the key to getting you to spend more time outdoors relaxing. Don’t suffer anymore with uncomfortable deck chairs.

Outdoor cushions for your comfort

Outdoor cushions should add style and comfort to ensure that you are encouraged to spend more time outdoors. Let’s be honest, when the sun makes an appearance in the UK, you want to make the most of it and be comfortable.

Choosing new outdoor cushions for your current garden furniture is simple with Foam For Comfort’s help. All outdoor cushions are made to measure and you can choose from a wide range of fabrics suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor Cushions cut to size and shape and upholstered in Sunbrella Canvas Fabric
Outdoor Cushions cut to size & shape and upholstered in Sunbrella Canvas Fabric.

Outdoor Cushions for any garden furniture

Whether you require outdoor cushions for recliners, garden seats, benches or patio sets, the cushions are cut to size & shape and upholstered in quality fabric suitable for outdoor use.

Patio furniture cushions cut to size & shape with piped edges.
Patio furniture cushions cut to size & shape with piped edges.

Outdoor garden cushion foam

Generic outdoor garden cushions that came with your original furniture sets can be replaced with cushions that can suit various comfort levels. The foam grade is key to the level of comfort, not the thickness of the foam. For further information on foam grades please read our blog post Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort or get in touch to discuss options. You can have your ideal outdoor cushions made to measure that will endure many years of use.

Outdoor garden cushions that look good

An old tatty cushion is not appealing and can actually deter people from sitting on it. Therefore, be kind to yourself and replace the old with the new.

Choose a fabric that is suitable for outdoor use and the storage facilities. Here at Foam For Comfort, we have our own range of fabric suitable for outdoor cushions and we also supply Sunbrella fabric.

All outdoor fabric ranges are water repellent and offer UV resistance to protect against sun damage. You can mix and match fabrics also and create the look that makes you want to go outside and make the most of outdoor living.

Cushions cut to size & shape and upholstered in Sunbrella Mineral Blue fabric.
Cushions cut to size & shape and upholstered in Sunbrella Mineral Blue fabric.

Check out the range of fabrics and feel free to call, email or use the live chat facility for further information.

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