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Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

Cushions for outdoor furniture can help turn your outdoor living space into the perfect area to rest, relax and also to entertain guests. Now is the ideal time to replace the cushions on your old garden furniture and be prepared for the summer season.

Replacement garden cushions for Gazebos, garden benches, steamers and loungers.

Due to the usage of gazebos, garden benches, steamers and loungers during periods of good weather there will come a point when you should be replacing the cushions to ensure that you continue to gain comfort and enjoyment from sitting or laying on this furniture. Examine the condition of the furniture and choose a foam that will last and select a fabric that can endure the rigours of outdoor use.

Foam for Comfort Outdoor gazebo cushions
Add a vibrant coloured fabric and scatter cushions to create an inviting garden gazebo.
Foam For Comfort Garden Bench Cushions
Replace your garden bench cushions for a clean look and an inviting mood.

Foam cut to size to create the perfect outdoor seating space

If you are creating a bespoke seating area, foam cut to size and shape is the ideal solution to ensure that you can create the seating area of your dreams. Don’t be scared to go big and bold with your design.

Create circular seating areas or large custom shaped seating and cover the frame with the perfect fit seating cushions cut to size and shape and upholstered in fabric suitable for the outdoors.

Anything is possible, be creative and be comfortable.

Foam For Comfort Outdoor Bench Cushions
Bold colourful fabric is perfect to add a fun and creative feel to your seating area.
Foam For Comfort Large Garden Cushions Cut to Size
Custom size garden seating cushions can be cut to shape and size for unique seating areas.

Outdoor furniture fabric

Choose a fabric that is waterproof and UV resistant to ensure the cushions do not become ruined if rained on or loose colour due to sun damage.

The new outdoor fabric range available at Foam For Comfort is manufactured using canvas style fabric that is treated to repel water in a similar way to Sunbrella fabrics but with the added assurance of a laminated waterproof backing. This fabric also offers high colour resistance to light damage and is UV resistant.

FFC Outdoor Fabric Range
Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric Range is waterproof and UV resistant.


Outdoor furniture cushions do need replacing over time and especially if you have previously purchased budget furniture that may not have had weather resistant fabric. Therefore choose a fabric that is water proof and weather resistant and also select a foam that will be robust and cut to size to ensure that it lasts.

At the end of the summer season, remember to store the furniture away and clean and dry the cushions in accordance to the manufacturers’ instructions. In doing so the furniture will last a few good summers and you will certainly have had your moneys worth.

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If you would like to look at the Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric Range and select a sample, please visit the Foam For Comfort Website. Here you can also view the various garden projects that have been carried out to supply large garden seating cushions, gazebo cushions and various garden seating cushion projects.

For detailed information regarding Foam Cut to Size and Foam Grades please read our blog posts Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort and Cushion Refilling: How Our Service Works.

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