Frazer Nash Car Seat Interiors

We have just completed a wonderful project providing new car seats for a 1929 Frazer Nash sports car.

Recently a customer who we have been fortunate to work with on previous projects tasked us with the manufacture of Traditional Talalay Latex rubber cushion interiors for a 1929 Frazer Nash car.

Frazer Nash Car
1929 Frazer Nash Sports Car.

The vital requirement was that the cushion interiors needed to replicate the original cushion interiors of this classic car. Therefore the cushions were patterned from the original interiors and manufactured using a mixture of production methods including CAD, CNC and old fashioned hand & eye.

Cushion Interiors Supplied
Cushion Interiors Supplied

The result from this process did ensure that the cushion interiors achieved this vital requirement and the end product kept as close to the original methods and materials originally used in the manufacture of the cushion interiors.

Leather outer covers that were supplied by the Coach Trimmer were fitted to the new Traditional Talalay Latex rubber cushion interiors to complete the perfect finish.

Frazer Nash Seat Cushions Fitted.
Frazer Nash Seat Cushions Fitted.

This was a great project and we are very happy with the end result.

For your information, here is a brief introduction to Frazer Nash

Archie Frazer Nash and his friend Ron Godfrey started to make their own cars that were known as cycle cars because they had a motorcycle engine. They were affordable vehicles. However, Nash was an engineer and a race driver at heart and despite the cars being affordable, Nash’s interests were not focused on the business side of the company and making money, therefore he was moved out of power by the financiers of the company who gave power to the business savvy H. J Aldington.

Following Aldington’s appointment to head the company, the Frazer Nash cars competed in races very successfully. Famously, Sir Stirling Moss was the driver of a Fraser Nash when he won the Isle of Man British Empire Trophy in 1951 and 1952.

In the early 1930s Fraser Nash cars were very successful in the Alpine trial races and it was only in the mid 1930s that the Frazer Nash cars were beaten. They were beaten by BMW. Following this, Aldington requested to be an agent for the BMW cars in England and imported thousands of BMWs. The relationship was very successful until the second world war brought production of BMW to a halt due to the fact that BMW was at the time an aero engine company and not specifically a car company and the factories were heavily bombed during the war.

The information provided here has been taken from the video Frazer Nash: A Documentary located on the Frazer Nash Car Club Website.


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