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New Sofa Cost vs Cushion Refilling Cost

Replacing a sofa because the cushions are worn out, flat and make the appearance of the sofa look old is not necessary if those problems are the only reason why you believe that you need a new sofa. Instead you can simply have the sofa cushions refilled and the sofa will look and feel as good as new for a fraction of the cost of a replacement sofa.

Cushion refilling is the cost effective solution to improving your sofa if the sofa frame is in tact. Do not be under the impression that you need to spend lots of money replacing the sofa when replacing the seating cushions will do the trick. This post provides a brief introduction about cushion refilling with links to detailed posts on the subject.

Simple Sofa Cushion Refilling Service

  • Request a mailing bag and send in your cushion covers to Foam For Comfort.
  • You can choose from various seat cushion foams for your preferred comfort.
  • Polyester fibre wraps are fitted to provide the ‘plump’ look.
  • Refilled cushions are carefully checked before they are returned to you.

For a detailed look at the Foam For Comfort cushion refilling service, please read Cushion Refilling: How Our Service Works or simply Email:  or Tel: 0113 274 8100 for information and to request a mailing bag.

Choosing the correct foam grade

Achieving the ideal seating comfort is essential. Therefore there are many foam  options for you to choose from. To ensure that you choose the foam that will provide you with comfort and also a foam that will last, please take a look at Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort.

Foam Grades
There are many foam grades to choose from to ensure that you get the perfect cushions to suit you.

Back cushions produced for support.

For the perfect finish to your sofa, you might want to consider refilling the back cushions on your sofa also. If you do, then take a look at Sofa Back Cushion Refilling. This article explains the process of refilling the sofa back cushions using Inneractive foam that is specically engineerd for the back cushions on sofas to ensure that you gain the support and comfort levels required.

Sofa Back Cushions
Back support is achieved from using Inneractive Foam for sofa back cushions.


Don’t think that you need to replace your entire sofa if the only problem is the sofa cushions looking worn and flat. The cushions can be easily refilled and returned to you quicker and cheaper than a new sofa.

Contact Foam For Comfort for information and advice. There is always someone happy to help you.

Email:  or Tel: 0113 274 8100. 

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