Outdoor garden seating bench cushions

Outdoor Furniture Cushions Makeover

Brighten up your garden furniture this year and create a warm, cheerful and vibrant environment that invites you to spend time outdoors in the surroundings of your own outdoor haven.

If you have spent the last few nights looking outside at the frost, the last thing on your mind will be that you want to sit in your garden. However, whilst you are trapped indoors keeping warm, now is the perfect opportunity for you to decide what you will do to brighten up your outdoor space.

Replacement Garden Furniture Cushions

There are many reasons why you might need to replace your garden furniture cushions. The usual factors include, mould, worn out, stained, ripped, loss of shape, comfort loss as well as colour loss. Consider having them reupholstered with fabric that is suitable for the outdoors or if you need to replace your outdoor furniture cushions, do so with made to measure cushion foam and fabric suitable for the rigours of outdoor use.

Suitable Outdoor Cushion Fabric

Here is a list of fabric ranges suitable for your outdoor furniture cushion replacement or reupholstery.

Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric Range 

  • An exclusive Foam For Comfort Fabric purposefully designed for the rigours of outdoor use.
  • Manufactured using canvas style fabric that is treated to repel water in a similar way to Sunbrella fabrics but with the added assurance of a laminated waterproof backing.
  • This fabric also offers high colour resistance to light damage and is UV resistant.
Add some colour to your outdoor furniture with the Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric Range.

Atlanta Outdoor Fabric Range

  • A durable, hard wearing range with a high resistance to light, great for use outdoors.
  • This is a cross over fabric, manufactured with a woven surface, a laminated waterproof backing and a high colour resistance to light, it is the perfect outdoor fabric.
Blue Cushion Pads Suitable for Outdoor Furniture.
Blue Cushion Pads Suitable for Outdoor Furniture.

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric Range

  • A beautiful range of water resistant fabrics, perfect for use outdoors.
  • Perfect for those compromise situations, water resistant. Ideal for quality garden cushions, boat sun decks and cockpits and now proving popular for camper vans.

Just Colour Outdoor Fabric Range

  • A fresh vibrant range of fabrics, ideal for children’s play areas.
  • Practical vinyl’s, durable and in a range of modern colours. Ideal for any application that requires a waterproof easy clean fabric.
Outdoor Cushions in Grape Just Colour Range. Weather Resistant and Easy to Clean.
Outdoor Cushions in Grape Just Colour Range. Weather Resistant and Easy to Clean.

Denver Faux Leather Outdoor Fabric Range

  • Water resistant with a luxury look and feel.
  • A range of colours to suit the home or that traditional boatman’s cabin, waterproof fabric with a touch of luxury.

For a look at the range of fabric samples, please visit the website where you can request outdoor fabric range samples.


Don’t run the risk of missing the opportunity to sit comfortably outdoors this year. Take the time now to re-cover your outdoor furniture cushions or replace them with suitable outdoor cushion options that have been listed above.

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