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New Year, New You and Your New(ish) Sofa Too

Seven days into 2016 and whether your choice was to give up something or add something to your lifestyle in 2016, then I am wishing you all the very best. You may recall that last year I wrote a couple of blog posts  “Why you don’t have to buy a new sofa” and “Salvage your sofa and help reduce landfill” based on the topic “Sofa Cushion Refilling” and this topic seems appropriate again for the beginning of 2016 when considering the idea that you don’t have to give things up and instead you should focus on improving what you currently have.

Therefore consider the below situations and the solutions that Foam for Comfort can offer so help you improve your seating possibilities for 2016:

Sofa Seats: Flat, worn, stained and uncomfortable.

You may be looking at your sofa and getting depressed by the look of it. The seat cushions are no longer plump, the fabric is worn and faded, you have stains on the cushions and the seats are no longer comfortable. Yes, you could go and buy a new sofa, but why bother when you can improve all of the problems at a fraction of the cost by simply replacing the parts that are broken?

Foam Cushions: your solution to not buying a new sofa.

You can replace your seat cushions on your sofa with various filling and fabric options. From firm, medium and soft foam supplied from the highest quality foam grades you can be sure that your sofa will look and function as new. For information about foam grades, please read “Quality Foam: Ensure you have the correct foam grade and be comfortable.” Foam comes in various density and this is the key to its quality, and Foam for Comfort will ensure that you get the correct foam that will last and suit your requirements.

New Cushion Covers to Improve Your Sofa

Stains and worn patches should not be a reason for you to throw out your sofa and feel the need to purchase a new one. If the frame of your sofa is in good shape and not shabby with stains and worn patches, then you could simply replace the fabric on your sofa cushions. Foam for Comfort have various fabrics and this year we have some fantastic new fabrics available. Why not mix and match your fabrics? This is a great way to make your sofa look fabulous again and improve your living environment.


New Year and New You doesn’t necessarily mean that you should replace everything old, worn and tatty completely. Instead, why not focus on improving the areas that need fixing only. In this context, that means replacing your sofa cushions and not the entire sofa. Get in touch for advice. You may be surprised at the possibilities available from new fabric solutions and foam seating that can be better than your original sofa seats because this time you have the power to choose exactly how firm you would like the sofa seats to be and not just accepting the standard sofa seat cushions that were provided with the original sofa purchase.

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