Cosy Garden Seating Area

Gardens are an extension of your home living space and a fantastic area to relax or entertain guests. Creating a comfortable outdoor environment can be simple and can provide an inviting gathering spot for you and your friends to relax and catch-up. The availability of outdoor furniture is fantastic and if you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor living space but need to liven this area up and replace your outdoor seating cushions and pads, then take a few minutes and consider the information below.

Comfortable and Practical Outdoor Garden Seating

Ideally you want to create a comfortable and practical environment that will accommodate yourself and your guests when sitting outdoors. Whether you use lounge chairs, rockers, deck chairs, outdoor sofas, gazebos and swings, the key to enjoying the use of these seating areas is the comfort that they will provide and also the practicality of the seating cushions and pads. The key purchasing factors therefore should be seating cushions and pads that are covered in weather resistant durable outdoor fabrics for easy care and foam what will provide comfort.

What to consider when purchasing outdoor seating cushions and pads?

You may have bought some fantastic outdoor furniture that is still in great condition apart from the cushions and pads that now need replacing. Often, when you purchase your outdoor furniture, the frames will be great but the cushions and pads can be poor quality.

When considering to purchase some new outdoor seat cushions and pads please bear in mind the following;

  • Your range of garden furniture cushions should be beautifully tailored from high quality upholstery.
  • Your beautiful garden furniture cushions with fitted covers should be available in a wide choice of fabrics and foam or latex interiors to suit all budgets and comfort requirements.
  • Your range of outdoor garden seat cushions and pad fabric needs to be weather resistant, quick drying and colour & UV resistant.

Outdoor garden seat cushion and pad fabric that lasts

The outdoor fabric provided by Foam For Comfort is manufactured using canvas style fabric that is treated to repel water in a similar way to Sunbrella fabrics but has the the added assurance of a laminated waterproof backing.

This fabric also offers high colour resistance to light damage and is UV resistant making this ideal for outdoor fabric.

Check out the Foam For Comfort Outdoor Fabric Collection for some ideas and new styles that can add a new but practical look to your outdoor garden furniture.

Achieve cosy seating areas outdoors in tricky spaces?

Bespoke seating areas are sometimes required and to achieve this you may need foam seating to be cut to any shape or size that you require to ensure that the seating area is comfortable.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an area of land large enough to house garden furniture. If your outdoor living space is small and unique, you can still produce a cosy living area and have bespoke seating areas cut to shape and size.

Foam Cushion Cut To Size To Fit Around Garden Tree Trunk.

You might think that it is impossible to create a seating area in your back garden due to many reasons but Foam For Comfort have the the means to individually hand make any seating cushion and pads to any shape and any size that you require to fit perfectly in the most tricky and tight spots.


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