Boat Seating Makeover

Does your boat need a makeover? If so then now is the perfect opportunity to replace the old seating / sleeping foam cushions and pads before setting sail on your next adventure.

Boat projects that require turning small spaces into multi-functional living environments which are comfortable, visually stunning as well as practical are an exciting challenge for the Foam For Comfort team that are welcomed.

Foam cut to size and upholstered.
Foam cut to size and upholstered.

Perfect Quality Fitted Boat Interiors

Maintaining the quality of your vessel will require the up-keep of the interiors and the exteriors with various seating and sleeping foams and fabrics. Replacement boat deck seating pads and under deck seating and sleeping cushion pads can be created from foam CNC Routed shapes.

To achieve the dual functionality of seating and sleeping that is required from the seat cushions used on boats due to the tight living space, the Foam For Comfort Combination foam is a great option.This foam provides a softer outer layer to provide comfort for sleeping and the core of the cushion is produced with an extra firm foam that gives support when sitting. For more information regarding  available foam types, please read the Foam For Comfort Foam Types Guide.

Comfortable on board seating area.
Comfortable on board seating area.

Fabric for boat seating/sleeping

Fabric for boat cushions need to endure the rigours of the outdoors and ocean life and still provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. The fabric used on the deck cushions will need to be waterproof, UV resistant and colour resistant to ensure that it maintains its quality. Whereas, the boat cabin seating and sleeping cushions will need to be practical incase they become wet and dirty but they also should be inviting and attractive to provide a comfortable and relaxing living environment.

Recently Foam For Comfort launched a new Outdoor Fabric range manufactured using canvas style fabric that is treated to repel water in a similar way to Sunbrella fabrics. A difference to Sunbrella Fabric is that it has the added assurance of a laminated waterproof backing. This fabric also offers high colour resistance to light damage and is UV resistant and is therefore a great option for the outdoor seating cushions for any boat. Other ideal fabrics for boat seating and deck cushions includes the Sunbrella, Just Colour, Atlanta and Denver Faux Leather ranges.


Boat cushions should be replaced with appropriate foam and fabric that can endure the environment of the outdoors and the ocean and still be comfortable and inviting. The daily tasks of the Foam For Comfort manufacturing team isn’t simply cutting up pieces of foam. The team is comprised of skilled craftsmen and upholsterers with many years of experience. Their knowledge ensures that your expectations for your dream living environment on your boat can be met. They will produce the ideal cushions for your boat using the correct foams and fabric required for the upkeep and makeover suitable for boating life.


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