Sofa Back Cushions

Sofa back cushions: flat, uncomfortable and in constant need of re-plumping. Here is the solution.

Sofa back cushions can be a cause of misery in any household when you walk into your living room and see your sofa looking worn and unloved. In fact the only member of the family that seems to love the sofa back cushions is your cat or dog that tends to lay on the top of these and is part of the cause of the sofa back cushions loosing shape. We have the solution for you, it is Inneractive Foam. This is specially developed back cushion foam that is long lasting, comfortable and perfect for sofa back cushions.

Sofa back cushions may not have been something that you have considered if you are a first time buyer of a sofa. Alternatively you may have been given a used sofa and need the sofa back cushions replacing and are not sure what is the best option. The importance of owning and sitting on a sofa that is comfortable, supportive and looks good is one of the reasons why we recommend and offer Inneractive Foam as a fantastic sofa back cushion foam option. The specially contoured ‘Inneractive Foam’ has been developed to provide high quality and comfortable back cushions. The unique interior allows the cushion to mould to your body and return to its original shape without the need for plumping and Polyester Fibre Wraps are fitted as standard to all back cushions to enhance the final look.

Sofa back cushions will provide comfort and support when seated, however, if you are not clued up on various types of cushions available to you then you could fall foul of your sofa cushions suddenly loosing shape and their plumpness after use simply because the quality is not up to standard. There are various types of sofa cushion filling options available, which include Fibre, Feather and Foam. Obviously we recommend Foam, however, we also ensure that you are provided with quality foam and that you are not ripped off and led to believe that a firm foam will last longer than a soft foam.

When you purchase a new sofa everything is wonderful because the sofa is new. The cushions are plump and keep shape, but over time you will realise that you are plumping the cushions and turning them over to maintain the plump effect and re-shaping the cushions to ensure that your sofa doesn’t look old and tatty. If you find that you are doing this, then please get in touch and discuss sofa cushion refilling options available and to gain a better understanding of foam quality.

Your seating comfort level is important and if  you want to achieve a soft, medium or firm level of comfort we will ensure that you are provided with quality foam and are informed about the density of the foam options that are available. The density of the foam is key to the foam’s quality and durability. For a detailed look at the foam options that we provide please read our blog post, Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort. This blog post clearly explains that appearances can be deceiving and low grade foam will look good in the beginning but it will not prove durable overtime. The post details information on foam grades for your consideration and is a great reference for you to fully gage what foam you should purchase to suit your needs.

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