Quality Foam Grades

Quality Foam Grades For Specific Comfort.

Quality foam is the key to you gaining the correct level of seating comfort. Selecting a specific foam grade to assist with posture or to gain comfort levels due to illness/medical reasons could help you become more comfortable when seated. Whatever your reasons, we have the solutions.

Quality Foam Explained: How Foam is Graded

Foam quality is graded by the Foam Trade using various measurements. From a retail point of view the measurement that the customer may be familiar with is Density and this is measured in kg/m3 (kilograms per metre cubed.) Seat cushions less than 38kg/m3 are not going to prove durable. Therefore you need to ensure that the foam is at least 38kg/m3 for durability.

Watch Out For Generic Terms Used To Describe Foam.

Terms such as Heavy or High density Premium or General are terms that are used to describe foam. However, these are just descriptions and they mean nothing in regards to clearly describing the quality of the foam. Before purchasing you need to check the foam specification (this should always be detailed or available by phone from reputable companies.) Unfortunatly some suppliers use the same density foam for more than one grade and describe 35kg/m3 foams as Heavy or High density.

Therefore always check foam density before purchasing, lower grade foams can be firm and feel perfect upon arrival and last long enough to receive a good review but that foam will not prove durable in the long term. Therefore do not get duped by generic terms such as Heavy or High Density Premium or General and check the foam density with the supplier to ensure that you don’t get ripped off and that you do purchase a quality foam.

Foam For Comfort Quality Foam Grades:

V38 Just Foam

Our entry level V38 foam is a firm, general purpose foam that represents great value for money. It is a great value general purpose firm foam that is 38kg/m3 firm and suitable for most sofa’s and chairs. It should be noted that V38 is very firm when used in thicker cushions.

Classic Foam

General all purpose foam, suitable for everyday use and offering superb value for money. The Classic Foam is a good quality domestic grade seating foam that is 40kg/m3 foam available in Medium and Firm comfort options.

Classic Medium: ideal foam to replace seating of 5” or more, providing comfortable support.

Classic Firm: A firm supportive cushion for all sofa & chair seating in boat & caravan bunks. Ideal for hard based seating i.e. window seats, bench seats and dining chairs.

Superior Foam

Superior Foam is our premium grade, contract quality foam that offers excellent durability and our widest range of comfort options. The Superior Foam is 50kg/m3 grade firm and available in Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra firm.

Superior Soft: Ideal for the replacement of feather and fibre filled seat cushions.

Superior Medium: A popular choice for comfortable Sofa and Chair cushions.

Superior Firm: Comfortable but supportive, perfect for a higher seating position.

Superior Extra Firm: Designed for Dining Chairs, Benches, Window Seats etc. and customers requiring very firm Sofa and Chair cushions.

Superior Combination: Any of the above foam options which are laminated in layers for specialist use i.e. Caravan and Boat bunks that require dual use. Ideal foam choose that allows you to combine softer outer layers for comfort when sleeping with an extra firm core that gives support when sitting.

Traditional Latex

Traditional Talalay latex is the most comfortable cushion filling available. Reassuringly expensive, a long term investment in durability and sumptuous comfort. Popular with customers who love their sofas and chairs and have no intention of replacing them. Traditional Talalay latex is no longer supplied by Dunlopillo and therefore only available from specialist suppliers with product knowledge and years of experience.

Traditional Latex, Talalay rubber not foam, offers maximum comfort and luxury and is available in Soft, Medium or Firm.

Traditional Soft Latex: The ultimate replacement for feather and fibre cushions, allowing you to sink into the cushion while offering gentle support. Fully recovers after sitting, you will never have to plump up your cushions again.

Traditional Medium Latex: Ideal for sofa and chair cushions of 5” or more, Medium Latex provides supreme comfort with a good level of support. The ultimate in luxurious seating.

Traditional Firm Latex: Offers excellent support with comfort. Due to its naturally heavy construction Firm Latex relies on density to give support. Therefore unlike a firm foam cushion that offers support but not necessarily comfort, Firm Latex offers both comfort and support, giving you the best of both worlds.

Back Cushion Foam

Our NEW Inneractive Back Cushion Foam has been specially developed to create the perfect, long lasting and comfortable back cushion.

The specially contoured ‘Inneractive Foam’ has been developed for high quality and comfort. The unique interior allows the cushion to mould to your body and return to its original shape without the need for plumping.

For further information on Foam Quality

Please contact us on 0113 274 8100 or email us at sales@foamforcomfort.co.uk. Alternatively you can also read our blog post How Our Service Works or visit the Foam For Comfort Website. The website has various PDF downloads that explain Foam Grade Quality, however if you would like that download now then please find it here Foam and Latex Cut to Size PDF Information Guide.

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