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Sofa Cushion Refilling: The answer to hand-me-down old sofas

Have you been fortunate enough to have been given a second hand sofa and although you are really grateful you are also a little apprehensive about accepting and having to use the sofa because it isn’t in the best condition?

Dilemma: You don’t want to appear ungrateful but you also don’t want to have to sit on a sofa with flat worn out cushions for the next few years either

There are many reasons why you may be the owner of a second or even third hand sofa. Have you…

  • Been given a used sofa by a family member or friend?
  • Purchased a used sofa that needs some TLC?
  • Received a used sofa from a charity?
  • Inherited family furniture with an emotional attachment associated to it?

If you have answered yes to any of the above and you feel torn between accepting the generous donation either because you can not afford to purchase a new sofa or your feel obligated to accept due to not wanting to offend or upset anyone, then we may have the solution to your concerns.

We recommend that you accept the generous donation of the used sofa and then contact us to provide you with our sofa cushion refilling service.

Refilling your sofa cushions results in your sofa looking and feeling new again

Sofa cushion refilling can alter the functionality and appearance of your sofa at an affordable cost and will result in your sofa looking and feeling like a new sofa.

You will no longer have to be embarrassed by the appearance of your sofa

Sofa cushion refilling is a brilliant solution to avoiding embarrassment. Don’t be afraid of accepting someones generous offer of giving you their old sofa. True, the sofa may have seen better days and you may be slightly put off accepting it due to its used condition.  If this is your situation, we recommend that you consider sofa cushion refilling as a fast and a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new sofa.

Sofa cushion refilling is a quick and simple service

We offer a 7 day turn around on our sofa cushion refilling service. You simply send us your sofa cushion covers in a bag that we send out to you and we measure and refill the covers with new cushions and return to you within 7 days.

Therefore, get in touch and let us provide sofa cushion refilling and make your sofa look and feel like new. Benefit from our latest Autumn offer that can be viewed in detail on our website.

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