Cushion Refilling Before and After

Cushion Refilling: How Our Service Works


Request our mailing pack which contains all that you need to safely send your cushion covers to us. Simply remove the covers, seal them in the protective bag provided and mail them to us.
Once we’ve received your cushion covers, we will contact you to give you a price and foam type options.
You then just need to say yes and we will do the rest.
7 days later we will send your perfectly refilled cushions back to you ready for you to simply pop the cushions on your sofa or chairs. It really is that simple.

Your cushion covers are professionally refilled and returned to you within
7 days and we offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


You are probably wondering how we get the perfect fit? Well, just to let you know, we have been in this industry for over 40 years and have the skills and know-how to ensure that you get the perfect fit for any shape and size of cushion.

This is the process that we use:

  • We measure and carefully cut each cushion.
  • An initial fitting is then carried out before we make any final changes or add any extras such as fibre wraps.
  • When satisfied with the completed interior we do a final fitting.
  • Every order is individually and carefully checked before despatch.


Every individual has their own comfort levels. Some prefer a softer seat and others prefer a firmer option. We work with various types of foam and can provide you with the level of comfort that you desire.

Foam Options Include:

Our entry level V38 Just Foam is a great value general purpose firm foam suitable for most sofa’s and chairs that represents great value for money. It should be noted that V38 is very firm when used in thicker cushions.

General all purpose foam, suitable for everyday use and offering superb value for money.
Two options are available for this foam:

Medium: Used to replace seating of 5” or more. This foam provides comfortable support.
Classic Firm: A firm supportive cushion for all sofa & chair seating. The Classic Firm option is ideal for hard based seating i.e. window seats, bench seats and dining chairs and it is also used in boat & caravan bunks.

This is our premier grade, contract quality foam offering excellent durability and provides our widest range of comfort options.
Superior Foam options:
Superior Soft: This foam is ideal for the replacement of feather and fibre filled seat cushions.
Superior Medium: A popular choice of foam that provides comfortable Sofa and Chair cushions.
Superior Firm: Perfect foam for a higher seating position that is both comfortable but supportive.
Superior Extra Firm: Ideal choice for customers requiring very firm Sofa and Chair cushions. It is also a great choice of foam suitable for the use on Dining Chairs, Benches and Window seats.
Superior Combination: Any of the above foam laminated in layers for that specialist use i.e. Caravan and Boat bunks that require dual use. Combine softer outer layers for comfort when sleeping with an extra firm core that gives support when sitting.

Traditional Talalay latex is the most comfortable cushion filling available. Reassuringly expensive, a long term investment in durability and sumptuous comfort. Popular with customers who love their sofas and chairs and have no intention of replacing them. Traditional Talalay latex is no longer supplied by Dunlopillo and therefore only available from specialist suppliers with product knowledge and years of experience.

Traditional Soft Latex: The ultimate replacement for feather and fibre cushions, allowing you to sink into the cushion while offering gentle support. Fully recovers after sitting, you will never have to plump up your cushions again!

Traditional Medium Latex: Ideal for sofa and chair cushions of 5” or more, Medium Latex provides supreme comfort with a good level of support. The ultimate in luxurious seating!

Traditional Firm Latex: Offers excellent support with comfort. Due to its naturally heavy construction Firm Latex relies on density to give support. Therefore unlike a firm foam cushion that offers support but not necessarily comfort, Firm Latex offers both comfort and support, giving you the best of both worlds.


Your back cushion(s) will be refilled using our specially developed Inneractive Foam. Our NEW Inneractive Back Cushion Foam has been specially developed to create the perfect, long lasting, high quality and comfortable back cushion. The unique interior allows the cushion to mould to your body and return to its original shape without the need for plumping. Polyester Fibre Wraps are also fitted as standard to all our back cushions to enhance the final look and quality.


Enhance the look of your new Seat Cushions with Polyester Fibre Wraps Polyester Fibre Wraps are the perfect way to enhance the look of your finished seat cushions, by offering a plump over stuffed appearance.

Stockinette Undercovers
Made from a stretch type fabric, stockinette undercovers protect and make fitting easier.

For further information…

If you require any further information then please contact us. You can leave a comment below and we will respond or call us on: 0113 274 8100 or  visit our website Foam For Comfort and currently if you use sofa cushion refilling and November you will receive 10% OFF.

Please download our Sofa Cushion Refilling Information Sheet. The process of sofa cushion refilling is explained and includes images of the Foam types available.

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