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Sofa Cushion Refilling: salvage your sofa and help reduce landfill

Large bulky objects are not easy to dispose of for many people and the process may leave you concerned about where the objects end up. Old sofas fall into this category. Therefore, maybe you should consider sofa cushion refilling?

If you have taken the time to arrange the collection of your old sofa you are probably under the impression that your old sofa is going to be taken away and broken down and responsibly recycled. However, unless you actually follow the sofa you will never know where the last port of call is and it could end up in landfill.

Therefore, consider renewing your old sofa instead of throwing it away. Doing so could save yourself the concern about where your old sofa ends up.

Using a sofa cushion refilling service can salvage many sofas and you don’t have to worry about landfill

If the frame of your sofa is in tact then you should consider sofa cushion refilling as an alternative to throwing out your old sofa.

As well as environmental concerns connected with the disposal of your old sofa, there is also monetary and time cost implications connected to the disposal of bulky objects. You need to take the time to call your local council and arrange collection of your old sofa as well as paying a fee to have the sofa disposed of.

Instead, use that money and time to pay for sofa cushion refilling. The cost of disposal and the cost of purchasing a new sofa is greater than sofa cushion refilling and the weight of worry connected to the your concern about landfill.

If you feel it is time for you to consider sofa cushion refilling as an alternative to purchasing a new sofa and throwing your old one away and you want to learn more about sofa cushion refilling, then check out our post: what sofa cushion refilling is and why you should consider it.

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