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Sofa Cushion Refilling: Ever wondered what it is and why you should consider it?

Don’t be under the impression that you need to replace your old sofa with a new sofa. Instead you can replace your worn out sofa cushions at a fraction of the cost and effort and have your sofa looking and feeling like new again.

Many of us are creatures of habit and sit in the same position on our sofas night after night

The spot where you park your behind every evening on your sofa becomes worn and your sofa starts to look odd. Not only is the cushion deflated but also your attitude towards your living space.

However don’t get too depressed at the thought that you need to buy a new sofa. Instead you can opt to have the worn sofa cushions refilled. It is a cheaper and quicker option to purchasing a new sofa.

The benefits of using the Foam for Comfort sofa cushion refilling service

Replacing your old and worn sofa cushions is easy and our sofa cushion refilling service focuses on:-

  • High quality reflex foam or traditional latex.
  • Polyester fibre wraps used on all of our reflex foam and traditional latex to ensure that they maintain their ‘plump’ appearance for their lifespan.
  • Stockinette covers are an option that helps maintain shape and allows easy fitting of the outer sofa cushion cover.

Our sofa cushion refilling service is quick and easy

  • You send us your sofa cushion covers in a mailing pack that we send to you.
  • We measure your cushion covers and refill them with the foam of your choice.
  • 7 Day turnaround.
  • 14 Day money back guarantee.
  • Your new refilled sofa cushions returned to you.

Refilling your sofa cushions results in your sofa looking and feeling new again

Don’t hesitate to use our sofa cushion refilling service and improve the look and feel of your sofa at a fraction of the cost and time compared to purchasing a new sofa.

We hope that the information provided in this post has caught your attention and introduced you to the option of refilling your sofa cushions instead of purchasing a new sofa and saving you time and money.

Also, you can benefit now from our Winter offer and get *FREE carriage on orders over £200.

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